Crysal Collection for the Immune System

Amethyst- Speeds healing with it’s Anti-Inflammatory qualities & eases pain, Old Topaz – For good Health, Joy & Abundance. Increases Abilities Labadorite – Dispels fear, Anxiety & Negativity to empower good fortune & Favour, Aquamarine – Boots the Respiratory System. Calms the Mind & Reduces Stress, Lepidolite – Steadies Breating, Bulids an Inner Strenght & Foritude Fluorite – Aids Hormonal & Emotinal Balance, Stimulates Intution,


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Contains the 6 natural gemstones featured on the front of the box with a handy hessian pouch or storing your gems. All specially selected for their healing qualities. Colours and Size msy vary due to the stones being a 100% natural product. Crystal healing is not suitable for conventional Medicine. Always consult your doctor.


Crystal Collection